Attestation Providers Q&A


In our #attestation-provider Discord channel, we held a developer Q&A session on the role of State Connector Attestation Providers. After open-sourcing the Attestation client code, we wanted to give the developer community the opportunity to ask any technical questions of the team.

The community asked many great questions of the Flare dev team. Here is an overview of some of the content covered:

  • How to propose new attestation types or events.
  • Rewards for operating an Attestation Provider.
  • Hardware requirements for nodes.
  • How, in general, the State Connector can be used by 3rd party apps.
  • How Attestation Providers will report their role through a fixed domain.
  • The State Connector & Attestation Providers.

The State Connector allows Flare to come to consensus on the state of any open system, whether blockchain or non-blockchain, and for those proofs to be used in smart contracts in a trustless, decentralized manner.

When an application on Flare requests a proof of a blockchain transaction or a real-world event, the State Connector sends this request to a decentralized group of Attestation Providers (APs). It is the APs that allow the State Connector to come to decentralized consensus on external data.

As with the data providers who are supplying decentralized price data to the Flare Time Series Oracle on Songbird, we need to build a strong community of APs to provide reliable information to the State Connector.

If you are interested in becoming an Attestation Provider, or implementing the State Connector in a dapp, please see the following links:

  1. Attestation Client suite with blockchain indexers
  2. Multi-Chain Client
  3. Attestation types definition repo

We are dedicated to providing the community with the information they require. Make sure to join the developer channels on Discord, and stay tuned to our Twitter, so you do not miss the next calls, blogs, Q&As, and more.