Flare Tokenomics

The majority of Flare (FLR) tokens are destined for community ownership, whether by direct token distribution, network incentives or through Flare Foundation ecosystem initiatives.

Token name and ticker

Flare (FLR)

Genesis token supply


Public token distribution


Incentive pool


Current network inflation rate

7% p.a.

58.3% of the genesis Flare supply is allocated to the community:

  1. The monthly FlareDrops.
  2. Cross-chain incentives for bringing sustainable value onto Flare.
  3. Project grants through the Ecosystem Support Program.


19.8% of the genesis total distribution is not permitted to vote in governance.

Neither the Flare Foundation nor Flare VC Fund is able to participate in network governance.

Full detail is available in the Flare technical documentation.

After the initial 15% distribution, entities receive the remainder of their allocation smoothly over 36 months.

The pause in month 1 was while FIP.01 voting was completed to finalize the mechanism of the remaining public token distribution.

Token uses

Token uses

Staking to Flare validators to secure the network.

Incentivized delegation to the FTSO to support the provision of accurate decentralized price data.

Collateral within decentralized applications built on Flare.

Transaction fees in order to prevent spam attacks.