Become a data provider.
Support the provision of accurate decentralized price data on the Flare and Songbird networks as a data provider for the Flare Time Series Oracle. Earn native token rewards for submitting off-chain prices to on-chain contracts.
How do you operate a data provider?

To operate a Data Provider, you need to be familiar with:

• Signal processing
• Game theory
• Timely submission of data in blockchain environments

For security, performance, and timely submission of data, we recommend that data providers run their own observation nodes.

To help you get started, we provide a kick-off NPM package that showcases the main contracts related to whitelisting a data provider and submitting prices. It should help you get set up.

What can you do as a data provider?

When you feel comfortable with the local NPM package, you are ready to start submitting your prices on-chain.

To build a thriving data provider service, you’ll need to learn the art of good timing. Submit too late and the price might not get included; submit too early and it might not be accurate. Next, learn how to increase your rewards and build your vote power.