SIP.03: Songbird Decentralization and Code Upgrade

The third Songbird improvement proposal is designed to bring the Songbird canary network more in line with the Flare main network.

This will simplify the developer experience, allowing Songbird to better fulfill its role as a live network for battle testing novel technology ahead of deployment on Flare mainnet.

The proposal recommends two main changes:

  1. Decentralize the network by allowing anybody to become a validator and anyone to stake on a validator.
  2. Use the same code on Songbird as Flare.

Unlike Flare, Songbird validators will not initially be required to run an FTSO data provider. This requirement is planned to be introduced at a later stage.

The governance vote will be live at the beginning of next week. Ensure your SGB is wrapped before Saturday to take part. For more information, please read the full SIP.03 governance proposal.

[Blog updated 10 July: Clarification of FTSO data provider requirement.]