What You Should Consider When Staking FLR

If you’re wondering if you should stake on Flare, this article has some important information to help you decide.

Flare increases what is possible with blockchain by giving developers a data-rich substrate for building next-generation dapps. That’s why we’re the blockchain for data.

To achieve this vision, Flare validators are also responsible for providing decentralized data to the network’s native oracle, the FTSO. In other words, if you are staking (either delegating your FLR to your validators or becoming a validator), you are supporting both the security and success of Flare.

Since this is a very important role in the network, there are some things you should consider before participating.

Why You Should Stake

Support Flare as the Blockchain for Data: By delegating up to 3 validators, you not only help the network to be more decentralized and resilient, but you are also contributing to Flare’s unique data acquisition protocols.

Earn Staking Rewards: By staking your FLR, you can get a share of the validator’s rewards. Your rewards depend on the validators you choose and the total amount of FLR staked in the system. Rewards will be distributed on-chain and can be claimed from the FlareStake Staking tool every 4 reward epochs (2 weeks).

Can Still Partake in FlareDrops and Governance: You can still receive FlareDrops and vote on governance while staking on the P-Chain. A smart contract on the C-Chain will mirror your staked tokens.

What to Pay Attention to

Funds are Locked: Staking works by locking funds for a period of time to support a specific network validator. During this time, your staked tokens cannot be used for other purposes, like transfers. To access your tokens, you’ll need to wait until your staking period expires.

Meet the Requirements: You can only participate in staking with a minimum of 50,000 FLR. The minimum staking duration is 14 days.

Do your research: If your chosen validator is not running an FTSO data provider or is running an FTSO data provider that hasn’t earned any rewards in a reward epoch, they will not earn any validator rewards during that time, and therefore neither will you.

How to Get Started

To make an educated choice on staking FLR, you can:

If you would like to become an infrastructure provider and deploy a validator node, please read the guide in our documentation: