Public staking on Flare is live

Flare Staking Phase 2 is now live. You can now use our new staking tool to transfer your FLR from the C-Chain, where smart contracts run, to the P-Chain, where staking happens.

Once your funds are on the P-Chain, you can then delegate stake to validators of your choice and start earning a share of the validation rewards. Developers and more advanced users can also choose to use a Command Line Interface (CLI) version to delegate stake.

Key facts and figures:

  • Your FLR must be unwrapped to be transferred to the P-Chain.
  • The staking tool will create a new P-Chain address which is connected to your existing C-Chain address.
  • The staking tool can initially only be accessed with a Ledger hardware wallet. Other options will be added in the future.
  • The minimum staking amount is 50k FLR.
  • The minimum staking duration is 14 days. You can only stake to validators with remaining self-bond periods greater than 14 days.
  • Your staked tokens are eligible for FlareDrops, but can not simultaneously earn FTSO delegation rewards.
  • You need to keep a small amount of FLR on both the C- and P-Chains for fees.
  • You can use the list of Node IDs provided on FlareMetrics, Flarescan, Flare.Builders or Solidifi to identify your preferred validator.
  • Validator rewards are capped at 5% of the total per validator. To avoid missing out on rewards, please select a validator that has less than 5% of the total stake delegated.
  • When your staking period ends, it is automatically terminated, requiring manual restaking for continued participation.
  • Every 4 reward epochs (2 weeks), rewards can be claimed from the FlareStake tool.

How to delegate stake:

Read the detailed step-by-step instructions in the Flare Technical Documentation and watch the summary video below.