The FAssets Open Beta Is Live

The eagerly awaited FAssets Open Beta is kicking off on the Coston testnet, starting with a phase dedicated to agents and more technical operators.

During this first phase, it will be necessary to interact with the FAssets system using a command line interface. Potential agents and more technically experienced users are invited to join from June 4th, utilising the onboarding materials and documentation developed during the closed beta. Participants interested should follow the instructions in the ‘Open Beta: Phase 1’ section below.

A second phase of the open beta will commence once the FAssets dashboard is live. This will allow anyone to participate in the beta and mint test FAssets on the Coston testnet. A how-to video will be provided to guide everyone through the full minting process, starting with sourcing testXRP and Coston FLR (CFLR) from their respective faucets.

Initially, it will only be possible to mint FTestXRP in the open beta on Coston. FTestBTC and FTestDOGE will be added at a later date.

A retroactive airdrop is planned to incentivize participation in the full FAssets roll out, starting with the open beta on Coston, and finishing with the launches on Songbird, Coston2 and Flare. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Open Beta: Phase 1 (for more technical operators)

If you are interested in participating in the FAssets Open Beta using the command line interface, please follow these steps:

  1. Read the FAssets concept page.
  2. Browse the FAssets repositories on Github.
  3. Register your Agent via the FAssets Telegram bot.
  4. Join the FAssets Telegram support group to ask questions and receive assistance.
  5. Follow the instructions to set up an FAssets agent.
  6. Follow the instructions to mint and redeem FAssets.
  7. Report any problems or inconsistencies to the Flare team using the link on the documentation pages.
  8. You can also email for support: [email protected].

Open Beta: Phase 2 (for everyone)

The second phase of the open beta will commence when the FAssets dashboard is live. This will make it very easy for anyone to mint FTestXRP. A video will be provided giving step by step instructions on obtaining testXRP and CFLR from their faucets before using them to mint FTestXRP on Coston.