State Connector upgrade completed on Songbird

The State Connector on Songbird has been upgraded to prepare for the roll out of FAssets, following the approval of governance proposal SIP.02.

The State Connector enables information from other blockchains to be used securely and trustlessly in dapps, playing a crucial role in connecting and synchronizing data between different networks.

This upgrade will enable the smooth integration of FAssets on Songbird, supporting the seamless transfer and utilization of non-smart contract tokens on the network. For example, it includes the addition of a new State Connector attestation type that allows the system to prove whether a given XRP address is valid.

In addition to the changes needed for FAssets, an EVM transaction attestation type has also been added. The State Connector can now confirm whether a transaction has taken place on any other EVM chain, dramatically broadening its reach and potential uses for developers.

To deliver an improved developer experience, all attestation types have been re-encoded with standardized Solidity structs. This will simplify experimentation and the introduction of new potential State Connector use cases.

The system will undergo further testing on Songbird to ensure the robustness of the new attestation types. This will initially be conducted in a closed beta, before being opened up to a broader audience.

Following the successful completion of an audit by Coinspect, the full updated State Connector code repo is now open and available for review by developers.