Staking & Governance

As we gear up for Staking Phase 2, we have an important announcement for anyone who has previously transferred their governance votes to a different address.

The Flare Portal has been updated to ensure the majority of token holders will be unaffected by the change. The number of votes an address holds will now be calculated by combining the WFLR (Wrapped Flare) amount with the staked funds on the P-chain at a specific block. This means that staking has no negative impact on the number of votes that can be cast within governance.

However, the update does affect holders who have previously transferred votes to another address or from their Personal Delegation Account (PDA). If this is you, please visit the Flare Portal and re-transfer your votes to ensure your voice continues to be heard.

It’s a simple process. Just click on the “Transfer Votes” button on the Flare Portal voting page. Your participation is important, and we want to ensure that everyone is well-informed before the next vote takes place.