Governance proposal STP.08: Adding new feeds to the FTSO

The upgraded Flare Time Series Oracle will be able to provide developers with access to up to 1000 data feeds. The proposal recommends a mechanism for the selection of these feeds without needing to rely on repeated governance proposals.

There are two parts to the proposal:

  1. Add 19 more cryptocurrency prices to the existing list of 19 data feeds.
  2. Define a process for the future inclusion of more data feeds, including automatic monitoring and community requests.

If the Songbird community approves STP.08, then a similar Flare Improvement Proposal will be generated for the Flare community to vote on.

19 additional cryptocurrency price feeds

The proposed new feeds are: TRX, LINK, ATOM, DOT, TON, ICP, SHIB, DAI, BCH, NEAR, LEO, UNI, ETC, WIF, BONK, JUP, ETHFI, ENA, and PYTH.

They were selected for three reasons: shortlisted by surveying the FTSO community; currently ranked in the top 25 of CoinMarketCap; or launched on Binance in the past 3 months with strong narrative and market capitalization.

Process for adding new data feeds

STP.08 recommends two pathways for the addition of new data feeds. Some feeds will be automatically included should they meet pre-defined criteria. For feeds that aren’t automatically added, or for non-crypto feeds that might incur additional costs for FTSO data providers, community submissions will be required.

Read the full process detail in the STP.08 Governance Proposal.