Announcing The Launch Of Version 2 of The API Portal

Change is constant in the decentralized landscape. Today, we announce the release of Version 2 of our blockchain infrastructure provider, API Portal, and our exit from beta.

This article has been contributed to Flare.Network by Joshua Edwards, VP Engineering of Flare Labs.

Progress Recap

Right from the beginning, we have been focused on providing reliable and innovative blockchain infrastructure options for builders who do not yet need access to their own blockchain nodes. . The beta phase was informative, providing extensive community feedback to guide the updates being implemented in API Portal version 2.

Features of Version 2

We are introducing several upgrades with Version 2:

  • Improved Scalability: As projects grow, they require infrastructure support that can keep pace. We have set new limits on our resources to ensure stability and scalability capable of supporting rapid user growth and high volumes of transactions.
  • Fortified Security: We have improved our infrastructure with more SecOps practices, providing a safe place for your projects to grow.
  • Improved Interoperability: Improvements have been made to our Infrastructure as Code to allow faster integration across multiple blockchains, fostering an environment where we can rapidly add new chains.
  • Simplified User Interface: Our interface has been redesigned and rebranded. It is now more straightforward, allowing easier management of your projects and needs.
  • Eco-friendly Approach: The future of technology must be sustainable. We’ve leveraged Google Clouds sustainable infrastructure, reducing our carbon footprint without compromising performance.
  • New Personal Plan: We are introducing a personal plan subscription for $9.99 per month, providing a cost-effective option for individuals working on personal projects and who also want a secure service to interact with the various blockchain networks supported.

Beyond Beta

Our transition from beta follows rigorous testing of the reliability and stability of the API Portal user experience. It means we are confident in the robustness of the platform and its readiness to support your business as it grows.


As we move forward, our brand is evolving to match the progress in our technology. The new branding represents our readiness for the future, balancing technological advancement with human creativity. We remain committed to our foundational values while embracing a new aesthetic that resonates with the level of quality we provide. Explore the updated website at

Community Acknowledgment

Our community has been instrumental in this transformation. The feedback and engagement have been vital in shaping our path. We appreciate everyone who has contributed to this journey. You can follow the API Portal on Twitter at @APIPortal.

Looking to the Future

The release of Version 2 and the rebranding are initial steps in our ongoing effort to innovate. We are committed to providing tools and services that contribute to the future of the blockchain space. We invite our community to stay engaged as we continue this journey.