FIP.09: Introducing FLR Protocol Emissions

FIP.09 proposes the implementation of a targeted 510M FLR emissions plan to support the growth of the Flare ecosystem.

The proposed emissions are designed to support builders and liquidity on Flare mainnet by incentivising community participation in a variety of ecosystem decentralized applications. The 510 million FLR emissions will be sourced from the 20 billion FLR incentive pool described in Flare’s original tokenomics.

This will be the first time any tokens are distributed from this incentive pool. Future governance proposals will be required for the community to approve emissions of the remainder of the pool.

Similar to the original intention of the incentive pool, this new emissions plan is designed to encourage long term community participation in the network. However, rather than providing a blanket incentive for bringing value to Flare, FIP.09 recommends a process for allocating more targeted incentives.

The responsibility for directing emissions towards dapps and protocols building on Flare will be vested in an ‘Emission Committee’ comprising six separate Flare and non-Flare representatives. Note: The Committee may be dissolved via a community-initiated and approved proposal process beginning on Songbird.

Each month, the committee is permitted to distribute any amount up to the maximum stated in the schedule. Any remainder in a given month can be reallocated or burned.

Read the full FIP.09 governance proposal for more detail on the schedule and the structure of the committee. Voting will commence Friday 28th June on the Flare Portal.


Quick summary

What is FIP.09 proposing?

  • Selected dapps launching on Flare will receive FLR emissions to incentivise user participation.

Why is this good for users and the network?

  • Increased liquidity: Extra incentives encourage users to deploy assets into dapps’ pools.
  • Attracting builders: The emissions program enables new builders to bootstrap a user base when launching their dapp on Flare.
  • Scalable growth: Increasing monthly emissions allow more dapps to participate.

Why is this being recommended now?

  • Decentralized exchanges, AMMs, borrow-lend protocols, perpetual futures applications and bridges are launching on Flare. FAssets are on the way too. This program is designed to accelerate the #FLRfiSummer.