Job Opportunity: Research Scientist

Company description

At Flare Networks, we are a team of research scientists and engineers working on developing decentralised technology and figuring out what it can be used for. We focus on staying at the cutting edge of scientific research whilst collaborating with industry and commercial partners.

You will be joining 40+ engineers and research scientists, PhDs, postdocs and professors collaboratively working on state-of-the-art technology. Our core mission is to harness decentralised systems in an impactful and meaningful way. We seek to build better systems and understand what these can be used for.

Role objectives

The primary objective is to develop novel algorithms and protocols in the space of distributed systems and cryptography. This will entail closely working with Flare’s research team, as well as collaborating with the technical team on research and development.

Key responsibilities

  • Design consensus and other decentralised algorithms, including theoretical work involving proofs of results,
  • Evaluate and implement algorithms, use of simulations for benchmarking,
  • Some data analysis, e.g. statistics and data visualisations,
  • Write reports on outcomes,
  • Potential for submissions to peer-reviewed journals,
  • Build out relationships with academia and industry,
  • Potential for work in quantum algorithms if interested.

Note that the role will involve primarily theoretical analytical work and proofs, with simulations for validation and experiments. This role is similar to a postdoc, with a focus on novel research results and publications.

Skills and qualifications required

  • A first-class undergraduate degree in mathematics, computer science or physics, with a strong mathematical background (emphasis on probability, Markov processes, graph theory, algorithms, statistics) from a leading university (e.g. Cambridge, Oxford, Ivy League, French Ecole etc.) or PhD in mathematics or theoretical physics or computer science, with a strong track record of theoretical publications,
  • Passion for proving analytic results and thinking conceptually,
  • Ability to pick up and learn new content and tools as required,
  • Ability to rapidly code up simulations in Python or a similar language, to scrape data from online resources, and perform data analysis,
  • Interest and/or track record in cryptography and computational complexity.

Job location and hours:

  • Remote, including the flexibility to work from abroad,
  • Regular (a few times a year) full team meets for one week in various locations (previous one was in Dubai), as well as smaller team work weeks.

Salary and benefits

Highly competitive, depending on qualifications and experience.

Contact information

Email us at [email protected].